Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Keep em drawings flowing in :)

When you drop off your drawings we would like to photograph ya
mug shot style
So Jozi can see all the nu Cape town drawings coming in
and Cape Town all the Jozi drawings. Peeps can also preview the drawings this way before the exhib.

Misunderstanding :)

hi everybuddy

little misunderstanding in the SL magazine this month.
Our very first mailer is tiny yet proudly featured :)
but It states MTKidu are holding the "Night of a 1000drawings"
exhibition. MTKidu who are very good friends of "1000drawings"
are not holding the exhibition but have pledged as like
the Am I collective, Legion Collective and Some kool
Kats from Matt Black to draw a stack load and donate.
Also the deadline for Jozi is 1Nov and Cape Town is 11 Oct :/
Now that that's outa the way we can get back to drawing :D

Thanks a Billion & Bless

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reminder :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Official
"Mother City loves Inner City" mailer :)

Mailer 3 :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Building in Progress

Yesterday we popped thru to 95 commissioner street, The Old Security Building and the space sponsored by Urban Ocean to hold "Night of a 1000 drawings". The crew were full steam ahead in fixing her up. Sooper Big thanks to Urban Ocean's Herman and to Ross from Injozi for the slick pics :)

Ross from Injozi

Not as good as Ross :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2nd Emailer

Everybuddy. Let the collection for
"The Night of a 1000 Drawings" begin.

The Night of a 1000 Drawings is an exhibition where drawings donated by everybuddy get collected and sold to the public for R100 a pop. It's all happening on 16 November, thanks to Urban Ocean, the crew transforming Jozi into a New York vibe and restoring the old Security Building especially for the event.

All proceeds go directly to Paballo, an organisation that has fed and provided basic medical attention to over 300 inner-city homeless people every Wednesday night since 1989.

Maximum respect goes out to G-mo, local customised animal friendly sneaks and shoe peeps, for handling the Cape Town collection & exhib "Mother City loves Inner City" on Friday 13th October at Asoka, Son of Dharma. Sadly drawings won't be sold in CT, but in compensation G-mo have put 2pairs of shoes up for draw strictly for CT peeps.

Draw anything, with anything, on anything .. Only thing is A5 in size. So draw as much as possible. And hand em in..
Grand Finalle Deadline: Jozi 1st Nov. Cape Town 11Oct.
No mounting necessary, Pls date and sign drawings.
pls Attach a name, postal and email addy to the drop off envelope.

Jozi drawings to be dropped off at:
(King James)
Hutton Court,
1st Floor, North Wing,
Cnr Jan Smuts Ave &
Summit Rd, Hyde Park

Cape Town drop off point:
5pm onwards, Mon - Sat
Asoka, Son of Dharma.
68 Kloof Street, Cape Town.
G-mo draw: apon drawing drop off
text msg. your name & shoe size to
084 504 8887

Info: 082 600 0011

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wednesday 31/08/06 01h00 prep for the 2nd "1000drawings" emailer
Outside the Building 95 Commissioner Street, Jozi Central.


Jon & Dave

Old Security Building, 95 Commissioner Street

Jon's drawing is the bigger one
The first emailer 27/07/06


Paballo is an organisation that feeds and provides basic medical attention to over 300 homeless people In the city every Wednesday night. We have decided to hold a R100 exhibition in order to raise funds for a new bakkie, which is desperately needed to lighten the load and make more impact.

Exhibition is called “night of a 1000 drawings”, modelled after a similar exhibition held in New York except all proceeds don’t go to windy peeps but to the charity. Please help out by sending through as many drawings as possible by October. No specific subject matter, medium or substrate drawn on.
Only a5 in size drawings. Each will be sold at R100 a piece.

Exhibition details to follow.