Monday, November 27, 2006

We are in the Enjin magazine :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The new

thanks a billion Clinton Jordan :)
Virgin voyage of new Paballo baby truck
Thanks again Siyakha Pump & Tank :)

Urban Ocean

Exhib Pics Posted on

The Legion Collective
The collective who backed "Night of a 1000drawings"
Drew up a storm and a whole lot of Bodoni :)

A bit of a boy band pic, i know :P

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More "Night of a 1000drawings" :)

Fresh Catering


KG + backup, doing a bit of crowd control

Miss Buttons Spinning in the Urban Ocean Lounge

Harris Tweed :)

HEADspace :)

Siyakha Pump & Tank dontated a Baby Truck to Paballo :)

Alistair Main from Siyakha Pump handing over the keys
to Ndai, Director of Paballo :D

Photographs courtesy of Guy Bonner :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Paballo Logo :)

Paballo is all about people. It’s about the connection between people. It’s concerned with developing relationships and nurturing friendships. It aims to care for people and validate them. The new Paballo logo takes its motivation and form from this personal and people-orientated philosophy.

The logo is based on a greeting. When we first meet people we introduce ourselves, usually with a handshake. This is an important moment of contact between two people. From then on, the handshake becomes part of our greeting of the people we know. The handshake in the Paballo logo captures the 3 movements of the African handshake, and expresses Paballo’s pride in being African. The colour of the hand is not race-specific. This shows that the focus is on people and not skin colour.

The three hands are interlinked, which demonstrates the unity and interdependence of the various people involved with the Paballo outreach. The word Paballo is in bold to place emphasis on the care element of the project. The copy is written in lower case in keeping with the personal and friendly tone; there are no pretensions here. The handshake holds within it the promise of meaningful relationships with the new people we meet.

"Night of a 1000drawings"

Photographs by Jason Meintjes
Thanks Jase :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

thank u :)

Night of a 1000 drawings

Over 1500 drawings,
Over 700 people attended,
Over 600 drawings sold,
1 baby truck donated
(by Siyakha, pump &tank)

Thank you sooo sooo much Jozi:)

Pics: courtesy of :)
more pics to come;)
"Morning of a 1000 drawings"

Sponsors branding wall

Rich's bad kerning:)

The Urban Ocean chill lounge
(Interested in renting this floor?
call Herman 082 905 5866)

The Citrus Lounge

Peggin up :)